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Nous vous prions de respecter, que notres récipents 88-2100-01 – 88-2100-90 et 88-2101-90 ne sont plus pas un dispositife medicale et ne porte plus le signe CE.

New laser for Zepf Medical Instruments

Zepf Medical Instruments has a new micro color laser which is the 5th laser in the company.
The high amount of professional and modern laser allows Zepf Medical Instruments to even faster turnaround times and an enormous flexibility.
This time the company decided to buy a laser suitable to put on a table due to space saving. This micro color laser has identical features like the ones which are already in the company however it is from the latest generation.
It has mature software with existing interface for UDI and BDE as well as the direct connection to the company´s ERP system.
Zepf Medical Instruments buys all lasers regionally from WHB Markiersysteme GmbH in Tuttlingen. This company´s advantage in comparison to a lot of other laser manufacturers is that the engraving could be done faster and deeper.

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Your ZMI Team

ZMI integrates CAQ system into their ERP system

Zepf Medical Instruments integrates their CAQ system into the company´s internal ERP system. This process results in lots of advantages for example a direct access through the ERP system to all goods receipts as well as business orders. Within the measurement data acquisition technical drawings, illustrations and catalogue pages are becoming available.The testing quantity will be calculated automatically via the goods receipt slip and the AQL value. In addition, the test intervals are also calculated automatically through the production lots and the AQL value. Another advantage is that the test assignments which are generated through incoming goods or business orders are naturally created by the system. Therefore, no additional effort is needed at this point. It is positive to note that an access to all master data is now possible. For this reason, all quality system data is also easy accessible. The integration of the CAQ system avoids any interface problems as well as any interface costs.

In conclusion one can say that the whole system is really easy to use and therefore the integration of the CAQ systems results in lots of advantages.

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Your ZMI-Team!

Advantages of laser marking

The laser marking does have lots of advantages over methods like printing or etching as it is an environmental friendly process without colors, acids or solvents. The labelling spares the material as the whole process performs contactless and therefore no forces are affecting the workpiece. No problems with places that are difficult to access by arbitrary geometry of the marking. Through high marking speed precision, quality and reproducibility will be achieved. With variable markings the laser offers flexibility and long corrosion resistance.

Within the medical technology the durability of a marking is quite challenging. Through aggressive processes like a highly alkaline cleaning (pH>10) followed by a sterilization at a temperature of 132°C, the danger of the transmission of agents in daily clinical practice will be averted. Consequences might be the fading and spalling of the marking.
However, each surgical instrument and implant have to meet certain quality requirements. Therefore, defects in marking can destroy important information and due to that results in wastage. Due to quality standards being based on DIN ISO 9001-2015 the manufacturer has to guarantee the traceability. Nowadays, the industry mainly guarantees this through laser marking.

For the above reasons 4 fiber lasers of the latest generation are used in our company.

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Your ZMI-Team!

CMEF 2018 in Shanghai

Zepf Medical Instruments visited the China International Exhibition Fair in Shanghai which is the biggest Medical devices fair in the asia-pacific area.

Our Quality Engineer Robin Fox was present at the fair using his expertise to convince potential customers.
In comparison to Arab Health or Medica the CMEF focuses on the Asian market.
We had lots of successful meetings andere conversations which showed the potential of the fair.

In conclusion we can say that CMEF was very successsful and that we are willing to strengthen our business in the asia - pacific region further.
In future we will be present at CMEF through our sales representatives.

If you would like to get more information about our company please just visit our Social Media platforms. We would be happy to meet you there.

Your ZMI-Team!

New innovative plastic for our instrument handles

The Zepf Medical Instruments GmbH is planning to change all ferro cell handles of their surgical instruments to PTFE (Polytetrafluorenthylen) handles.

For decades ferro cell is the standard material for surgical instrument handles like raspatories, screwdrivers or chisels. This material consists of plastic with a wood grain.
Due to the processing with high alkaline cleaners the bonding resin in the handle gets dry and brittle resulting in cracks and brittle fractures. In the end this results in bacterial transmissions and in a high risk for the user.
For this reason, the plastic PTFE (Polytetrafluorenthylen) with its high chemical resistance is a very good alternative for instrument handles in the long run. We would like to benefit from this material property. Therefore, we are planning to change our instrument´s handles to PTFE, also known as Teflon®, in future. We always develop our products further as we care about the security and well-being of our customers and their patients. Due to that we are able to guarantee the highest quality and a risk-free usage.

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Support for our QM-Team since April 2018

Since April 2018 our new Quality Management Assistant is supporting our QM-Team. She is responsible for creating and updating forms and documents. Moreover, she will coordinate the QM - schedule planning as well as organizing the training administration.
She has long-term business experience resulting in solid knowledge in quality management.

Our QM-Team is now buildup of 5 people who are ready to take all upcoming challenges in quality management.

We warmly welcome our new employee and wish her a successful and exciting start at Zepf Medical Instruments!

Customer Satisfaction Analysis at Zepf Medical Instruments

Zepf Medical Instruments is always interested in continuously improving the satisfaction of their customers and business partners. We would like to respond to our clients‘ individual needs and requirements.
Therefore, a customer satisfaction survey has been created which you can find on our companies website landing page.
In addition, we will inform our customers through delivery notes, invoices and Email signatures about the survey to encourage them to participate.
If this also attracts your interest please feel free to participate in our customer satisfaction survey. Your valued feedback will be highly appreciated!
You can find the survey via the following link:


For more information regarding our company please visit our Social Media channels.

Many greetings from ZMI-Team!

An innovation for our clients

Zepf Medical Instruments optimized and simplified the company´s website for their clients.

Our clients now have the opportunity to download product-related manuals from our website. We offer the download of single selections or individual ones related to the invoice number or delivery note. They will be provided via email.

The manuals are available in the following languages:

- German
- English
- French
- Italian
- Spanish
- Dutch

With this innovation we would like to respond to our customers individual needs in order to offer them a fast access to our documents.
We always focus on customers ‘needs and customer satisfaction. Therefore, we always intend to improve and simplify the whole process for our customers.

If you have any questions or difficulties related to the downloads please do not hesitate to contact us by email info@zepf-medical-instruments.de.

Arab Health in Dubai 2018

Zepf Medical Instruments visited Arab Health Exhibition and Congress which is the largest medical exhibition and conference in the Middle East.

Our employees Robin Fox and Dominik Brückler-Zepf have been to Arab Health in Dubai from 30th January until 1st of February.
They visited our clients and customers in order to talk about backorders, the product quality and future projects.
In comparison to Medica there seem to be more but smaller booths at Arab Health. Further, there are more exhibitors and visitors from countries in the Middle East.

In conclusion we can tell, that we recognized the potential and the related opportunities of this exhibition. However, we are likely to be still just present as visitors at Arab Health in the near future. This gives us the chance to visit our customers and clients, to arrange meetings and to socialise.

In order to get to know more about our exhibitions and other activities please just have a look on our social media pages.

We would be happy to meet you there!

Zepf Medical Instruments goes Social Media

Zepf Medical Instruments is now experienced in the world of Social Media and therefore represented on channels like Facebook, LinkedIn & Co.

More and more German companies successfully use Social Media in terms of Marketing or for the internal and external communication. Through Social Media companies are able to increase brand awareness, number of leads and finally their sales volume. In addition, the communication between colleagues, business partners and potential customers can be intensified.

We would like to benefit from the positive aspects of Social-Media-Channels raising our reputation and presence in the World Wide Web.
Therefore, the whole team at Zepf Medical Instruments is looking forward to your visits on our different platforms. We would be very happy if you like and follow our profiles and pages.

See you there soon!

Noël 2017

Chers visiteurs de notre site, chers clients, chers fournisseurs,

Frohe WeihnachtenNous vous remercions pour la confiance que vous nous avez témoignée tout au long de cette année. L’équipe de Zepf Medical Instruments se réjouit à l’avance de poursuivre avec vous en 2018 un partenariat fructueux.

Nous vous souhaitons à vous-mêmes et à vos familles des Fêtes empreintes de bonheur et de sérénité et une excellente année 2016.

Veuillez noter que nous serons en congé annuel du 22 décembre 2017 au 7 janvier 2018. Nous serons de nouveau à votre disposition à partir du 8 janvier 2018.

En cas d’urgence, veuillez nous contacter par mail ou par fax. Notre service d’urgence traitera vos demandes dans les meilleurs délais même pendant la période des fêtes.

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ZEPF MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS GMBH will be exhibiting again this year at Medica 2016 in Düsseldorf.

Please visit us in Hall 13 on Stand B56.

With over 130,000 visitors, Medica is the world's leading trade fair for the medical industry. Take advantage of this opportunity to gain a personal impression of what we have to offer. You are also more than welcome to arrange an appointment with us.

We're looking forward to your visit.

For further information on Medica, please visit http://www.medica.de

04.10.2011 12:40:00
Nouvelles mises à jour du site Internet ZEPF

Suite à des commentaires de nos clients, nous avons procédé à de nouvelles modifications du Site Internet de Zepf Medical Instruments GmbH.
En un premier temps, la section « Spécialités Médicales » a été développée. Si, jusqu’à présent, seules les pages correspondantes à la spécialité recherchée étaient disponibles, dorénavant tous les articles présentés sur la page du catalogue s’affichent à côté de l’image de la page. Un clic sur la référence de l’article permet ensuite d’afficher l’article concerné ainsi que toutes les informations disponibles.

Nous travaillons actuellement d’arrache-pied au traitement des photos des différents articles. Celles-ci seront prêtes dans les semaines à venir et permettront aux clients de disposer d’informations optimisées.
Les clients n’ayant pas sauvegardé l’adresse Internet de ZEPF dans leurs favoris peuvent toutefois y accéder facilement par le biais de la recherche Google. Il suffit de saisir une référence d’article Zepf pour accéder à l’article ou à la spécialité correspondante.

ZEPF MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS s’est donné pour objectif de devenir l’un des premiers fournisseurs du secteur de la technique médicale grâce à des innovations technologiques et à une qualité parfaite. Nombre de technologies actuellement utilisées, telles que la recherche mobile de références ou l’utilisation de codes QR sont une absolue nouveauté pour le secteur.

Le développement se poursuit actuellement dans ce domaine, les fournisseurs du secteur mettant à disposition des informations concernant l’entreprise ou leurs produits sur les appareils mobiles étant encore très rares. Le site Internet mobile de ZEPF est en construction et sera accessible pour les clients d’ici la fin de l’année.

12.09.2011 14:00:00
Zepf Medical Instruments propose une fonction de recherche mobile

L’entreprise de Seitingen, ZEPF MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS GMBH, continue de développer son offre sur Internet. Le nouveau site du fournisseur d’instruments chirurgicaux a été mis en ligne le 20 juin dernier. La caractéristique phare du dispositif ZEPF est un système de banque de données doté d’une fonction de recherche inédite. Grâce à elle, vos clients peuvent accéder à une liste quasi complète d’articles de tous les fabricants tiers auxquels sont attribués des références Zepf. 15.000 produits sont ainsi visualisables et accessibles sans problème.
« Nous avons été surpris de la manière très positive dont nos clients ont accueilli cette nouvelle offre », explique le Directeur Jochen Zepf. Dans ce contexte, compléter notre présence en ligne avec de nouvelles fonctions est parfaitement justifié.
La recherche de produits et de numéros de référence est désormais possible également sur les Smartphones. Le site a été spécialement conçu pour les systèmes mobiles et offre la même gamme de fonctions que la page d’accueil de l’entreprise.
Un code QR correspondant apparaissant sur le masque de recherche des produits permet au client d’afficher le site mobile rapidement et facilement. Il est également possible d’effectuer une recherche de référence sur http://ref.zepf-medical-instruments.de.
Bien entendu, l’accès mobile permet d’afficher en permanence des données actualisées. En effet, de nouveaux articles et des mises à jour sont mis en ligne toutes les cinq minutes, une périodicité unique pour une entreprise du secteur.
La nouvelle offre n’est pas plus tôt en ligne que Jochen Zepf en est déjà à l’étape suivante : « Au cours des semaines à venir, nous allons encore ajouter des rubriques à notre site Internet. » En effet, une extension des domaines de la médecine spécialisée ainsi qu’une version mobile de la totalité du site Internet sont en préparation.


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