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11.11.2011 16:00:00 Zepf Medical Instruments reaches Milestone in Innovation Process

Just in time for this year’s Medica, the full-range trader of surgical instruments completed last works and is technically fit for new challenges. A history of success for a mid tier business.

[Seitingen, 11/10/2011, ZMI/BLK] In June, the internet presence had been renewed entirely. A complete overview of the range of services is presented in the five most important trading languages. ZEPF’s highlight and unique characteristic is a data base system with a unique search option. Due to this aid, clients can now access a close to complete list of the item numbers of all third-party manufacturers that will then be referenced to the respective Zepf-number. In addition, current inventories are shown on the respective detail pages.

To assure the actuality, an interface between the ERP-System MAJESTY and the pool of the website was created especially for referential data, stock lists and inventory. All update processes are entirely automated by a corresponding windows service and the data is updated every five minutes. Thus, the user finds more than 15,000 article facts and more than a quarter of a million referential facts to the minute on the net.

After a short beta stage, the area of medical branches had been reviewed once again. Currently, customers can have all articles of the 44 branches within the product range listed. For next spring, an integration of single pictures is planned in addition to the now accessible catalogue pages.

"We were surprised how well the new offer was received by our customers", said CEO Jochen Zepf. Reason enough to complete the presence with new functions.

Thus, the article and reference data search was made accessible to mobile users already in the next step due to user’s suggestions. Now customers using iPhone and others are able to use the information underway as well. For a simple navigation, corresponding QR codes were integrated into the desktop page. It is thus no longer necessary to type in the internet address of the mobile reference query; a simple scan with your smart phone is enough.

The introduction of the QR codes was implemented consequently as well. These modern aids are used on business correspondence, in important positions on the website, on company vehicles or advertisement materials.

"This is simply a consistent continuation of our current strategy. We are already now using the codes on our web page and will employ them frequently as soon as our mobile presence will be completed", said Zepf after the integration of the first code.

During these past days, this mobile presence has been completed as well. The entire web presence is now also accessible to smart phones, only few of the multimedia contents were left out.

For clients to have offline access to the catalogue as well like it had been in the past, the catalogue CD has been planned entirely new and is now ready for delivery just in time for the Medica. The current version also includes reference data; a feature that had not been available in the previous version due to security measures.

"We have now closed all kinds of areas needing improvement successfully and receive positive feedback by customers almost daily", Jochen Zepf explains. The company was actually able to determine a sales increase of 3.8 percent via accordingly increased internet access.

"I am very positive that this trend will continue and thus see our strategy confirmed", Zepf continues. It is not without a reason that two new employees were hired as part of this, so customers will not have to accept unusual waiting periods.

Now, before the Medica, the most important changes are complete, which at the same time does not mean that CEO Zepf will not continue. Already for next spring, corresponding Apps for the iPhone and Android smart phones are planned.

With this innovative strategy, the company has a head start. "As a small business, we have very short decision ways compared to industry giants. We have ideas and implement them with our partners, before others even complete their marketing concept.", Jochen Zepf explains.

For the design and the entire content execution of the website, including all films and animations, advertising agency “das Prisma Multimedia-Produktion” (www.das-Prisma.de) from Überlingen was responsable. “Proteus Solutions GbR“ (www.proteus-solutions.de) from Spaichingen produced the data concept and the corresponding software, implemented the different web pages and conducted various marketing campaigns as well.


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