22-1 Medical Specialization: Obstetrics @ Zepf Medical Instruments
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Medical Specializations:
Bone Surgery, Traumatology
Cardiovascular Instrumente
Conservative Treatment
Dermatology, Hygiene
Diagnostica, Paradontology, Conservation of Teeth, Endontic Instruments
Extracting Forceps
Gall Bladder
Hemostatic Forceps
Implants for Osteosynthesis
Instruments and Implants Sets
Intestines, Stomach
Mouth and Tongue
Neurosurgery, Laminectomy
Polypus, Dressing Forceps
Probes, Cotton Applicators
Prosthetics, Orthodontics
Retractors and Spreaders
Sterilizing Aids
Storage, Sterilization
Thumb and Tissue Forceps
Towel Clamps
Trocars, Puncture Needles
Tubing Clamps
Medical Specialization:


Catalog page: 72

 72-1007-30 de LEE obstetric forceps 30cm
 72-1008-36 de LEE obstetric forceps 36cm
 72-1008-39 de LEE obstetric forceps 39cm
 72-1105-32 ELLIOT obstetric forceps 32cm
 72-1105-38 ELLIOT obstetric forceps 38cm
 72-1100-41 KIELLAND obstetr.forceps 41 cm
 72-1109-36 NAEGELE obstetric forceps 36cm
 72-1109-40 NAEGELE obstetric forceps 40cm
 72-1005-33 SIMPSON BRAUN obst.forceps33cm
 72-1005-36 SIMPSON BRAUN obst.forceps36cm
 72-1002-23 SIMPSON obstetric forceps 23cm
 72-1002-30 SIMPSON obstetric forceps 30cm
 72-1001-28 WRIGLEY obstetric forceps 28cm

 72-1407-36 BARTON obstetric forceps 36 cm
 72-1408-17 BARTON traction handle 17 cm
 72-1207-40 KIELLAND LUIKART obst.fcp.40cm
 72-1205-40 LUIKART obstetric forceps 40cm
 72-1403-39 McLEAN LUIKART obst.forcp.39cm
 72-1405-36 McLEAN obstetric forceps 36 cm
 72-1309-40 McLEAN TUCKER LUIKART fcp.40cm
 72-1401-39 McLEAN TUCKER obst.forcps.39cm
 72-1305-36 SIMPSON LUIKART obst.fcp. 36cm

 72-1501-29 BOERMA obstetric forceps 29 cm
 72-1503-29 PAJOT obstetric forceps 34 cm
 72-1507-40 PIPER forceps 40 cm w. tractor
 72-1505-44 PIPER obstetric forceps 44 cm
 72-1506-39 THIERRY obstetric forceps pair

 72-1700-00 BILL tractor f.standard handle
 72-1509-36 delivery forceps Bamberg pattern open spoon length 36 cm
 72-1710-33 DEMELIN SUZOR obstetric forceps 32cm
 72-1600-37 DEWEY forceps 37 cm w. tractor
 72-1604-36 HAIG FERGUSON forceps 36 cm w. tractor
 72-1701-21 LUIKART BILL tractor 21 cm
 72-1609-40 NEVILLE BARNES forceps w.tract. 40 cm
 72-1602-40 TARNIER forceps 40 cm w.tract.

 72-1813-14 BAR forceps for single use umbil. fcps. 14 cm
 72-1807-09 COLLIN umbilic.cord clamp 9 cm
 72-1803-27 GAUSS scalp flap forceps
 72-1804-21   72-1805-21 GREEN ARMYTAGE ut.hemost.fcps.
 72-1809-09 KANE umbilic.cord clamp 8,5 cm
 72-1801-33 SMELLIE obstetrical hook 33 cm
 72-1810-09 umbilical dilator 9,5 cm

 72-1905-35 COLLIN pelvimeter 35 cm not calibrated
 72-1903-30 COLLYER pelvimet. cm/inch 30cm not calibrated
 72-1910-20 DE LEE pelvimeter for internal measuring not calibrated
 72-1901-34 MARTIN pelvimeter cm/inch 34cm not calibrated

 72-2504-14 CUZZI abortion scoop 30cm/14,5 mm
 72-2504-18 CUZZI abortion scoop 30cm/18mm
 72-2504-21 CUZZI abortion scoop 30cm/21mm
 72-2502-30 PESTALOZZA abortion curette
 72-2406-28 placent.and ovum forcep 28 cm
 72-2402-27   72-2403-27 SAENGER plac. and ovum forceps
 72-2404-01   72-2404-02   72-2404-03   72-2405-01   72-2405-02   72-2405-03 WINTER placent.and ovum forcep

 72-3001-29 BOER craniotomy forceps 29 cm
 72-3002-42 BRAUN cranioclast 42 cm
 72-2511-26 MURLESS head elevator 26 cm
 72-2509-28 SELLHEIM elevating spoon 28 cm
 72-2506-42 WALLICH abortion scoop 42 cm

 72-3009-30 BRAUN decapitation hook 30 cm
 72-3006-25 SMELLIE perforator 25 cm
 72-3004-46 TARNIER cranioclast 46 cm

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